Do you want to lose some fat from your belly? The right solution for the weight loss is to create a diet plan. One of the best ways to make a daily meal plan that is to consult a nutritionist.

A professional in nutrition can tell you which food you should eat and which to avoid, but you can get some information in this article, too.

White Rice

This food is highly nutritive and has a lot of caloric value. However, being highly caloric does not mean that white rice will leave you with the feeling of being full. You will actually open your fridge pretty soon. Buy a brown rice instead; it’s tasty, and far advantageous than white rice.


When you mash fruit, milk that is high in fat, vanilla yogurt, ice cream and juice concentrate, you get a beverage that only seems healthy. A mix of the mentioned high-calorie ingredients cannot be beneficial to your diet. Find some recipes that include food low in calories (such as vegetables) and avoid, for example, those with dried fruit – it has a high concentration of both sugar and calories.


Drinking alcohol has many disadvantages. This beverage is highly caloric. For example, a glass of beer has 150 calories. Although alcohol increases your weight, it decreases your testosterone level.  In case you combine your diet plan with an exercise to lose more weight, this hormone is pretty helpful in a gym so don’t lower its level by drinking alcohol. Next time you want to consume it, rethink about whether you should.

Fruit Snacks

One of the snacks you should avoid is a flavored yogurt. Although these kinds of yogurts have fruit in them, they are usually a source of a lot of sugar as well a lot of calories. If you want to add a fruit flavor to your meals, make a fruit salad. You can mix low-sugar fruit in a bowl such as raspberries, kiwi and cranberries.


As a snack food, granola is high in sugar and caloric value, but also nutritious. The popular shape of it is a granola bar that is convenient in cases when we do not have enough time to prepare a meal or even eat. The granola bars are instant meals you can literally eat on the go. However, this fact doesn’t mean that granola is good for your diet.

Plan your meals carefully and stick to your daily plans. Avoid the mentioned food and beverages since they will only help you gain more weight and that is not what you want.

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