Many kinds of food are considered healthy food, but if you train to lose weight, there are types of food that will slow down either you or your performance. So, avoid eating these before training:

Salty Food

Nutritionists recommend nuts in a diet since this hard-shelled fruit is rich in healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and protein. For example, peanut is rich in iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium, but avoid eating it roasted. Roasted peanuts as well any other roasted nuts, are salted and can increase both the percent of fluid in your body and your blood pressure. This will result in slower performance, and may as well cause a headache.


Many gym coaches recommend not taking dairy before you exercise. You may love milk and other dairy products and you may be using low-fat products, but if you take them before training, you will feel tired (and may even burp a lot during workout).

Flavored Beverages

Many flavored drinks, including flavored water and diet soda, are high in sugar. It is not recommended to take them if you want to lose weight let alone before you go to the gym – they slow your performance down. Instead, take any t-booster drink half an hour before you start exercising; it will help you by enhancing your workout performance.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are highly nutritive and help when one fights with various diseases such as diabetes, cancer or a heart illness, and are great for weight loss. However, the seeds can cause swelling, pain and gases in your stomach, so don’t take it at least two hours before you go to the gym; they will not just reduce your energy, they may even prevent you in performing well.

Food Bars

Energy and protein bars are commonly used in diet plans. They are portable so you can eat them on the go. Although they include various nutritious ingredients, they are actually processed food that should be avoided, especially before training. Although protein bars include protein, they are rich in both sugar and calories so you may feel tired and skip an exercise.


The eggs are great for a diet since they are considered a low-calorie food while being highly nutritive. Hard-boiled eggs are not the food that will boost the energy you need to exercise. On the contrary, they will decrease it since they take long to digest. Besides, your burps may smell like eggs and you do not want that to happen while you are in a gym.

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